Pitch Perfect 2 Review

Posted on August 8, 2015

pitch perfect 2 movie reviewPitch perfect 2 features a celebrity cast as a result of the unexpected success of the first movie.  In this sequel, the Barden Bellas are back and are better than they ever were.  However, their success ended rather quickly when they were embarrassed in front of the president of the United States, which results in the Bellas being removed from the Aca-circuit.  The Bellas then regroup and decide that, in order to get themselves back in the circuit, they need to win an international competition that would prove to be almost impossible.  The bonds of friendship and teamwork are tested as the Bellas work together to get themselves back on the Aca-circuit.

Pitch perfect 2 was a movie full of hilarious lines and awesome vocals.  If you enjoyed the first movie, you will definitely enjoy the second.  The first movie deals with the Bellas first coming together and features them trying to successfully navigate the world of college while balancing their acapella group.  In the second movie, the Bellas are a much closer group of girls.  They are finishing up their college careers but are yet somehow still on the bottom of the acapella ladder.  The plot is full of the girls trying to win their way back to the top.

One of the great things about Pitch Perfect 2 is that the celebrity cast is developed further for the audience.  The audience gets to know more about the characters and gets to feel like they know the cast.  While the same cast is used, the development of the characters is pushed further than in the first movie, which allows the audience to get to know the characters on a deeper level.

The song selections for this movie are geared toward a much younger and hipper audience, as most of the songs are all current.  The cast performs these incredibly well; and the jokes and punch lines are all hilarious and well executed.

Pitch perfect 2 is the ultimate sequel to the original movie.  If you were someone who enjoyed the first movie, you will enjoy the second just as much.

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