Mark Zuckerberg Is Finally Having A Baby

Posted on August 8, 2015

After trying for several years, Mark Zuckerberg is finally having a baby with his wife Priscilla Chan. This is perhaps the hottest celebrity news this week. Entertainment news websites have featured the story for a couple of days now and everyone seems to be excited for the couple.

The founder and CEO of Facebook made the announcement through his official Facebook account. He expressed his happiness at the prospect of becoming a dad. The reason he made the announcement early in the pregnancy is because they want to share their bundles of joy with everyone. After all, his company has touched the lives of billions of people around the world.

Mark and Priscilla had been trying to have a child for a number of years with no success. Their first three attempts ended in miscarriages. It appears four is their lucky number. Zuckerberg also revealed that they are having a baby girl. Hopefully, things will turn out well for them this time. During their last three attempts, the two lovebirds had already started making plans for the expected child, but the miscarriage shattered their hopes and dreams. According to Zuckerberg, those three experiences made them feel lonely. He explained that people rarely discuss miscarriages for a number of reasons. For one, fears that people will distance themselves from you, or look at you as defective, forces many people to fight their painful emotional battles in silence.

Initially, Zuckerberg thought he was alone in this. Once he started opening up to his friends, he found that it’s a common problem affecting many people, including some of his friends. By sharing his personal experience, the Facebook CEO hopes to inspire other people to start sharing their stories as well. At this stage in her pregnancy, Priscilla has very little chance of having another miscarriage, according to her husband. That is the reason why they are just making the news public now.

Priscilla and Mark got married in 2012. Priscilla is an educator and a doctor. Despite having a net worth of around $40 billion, Zuckerberg earns a salary of $1 annually. Hopefully, he will soon get a raise to ensure he can afford to buy a few diapers.

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