Best Music Tours Of 2015

Posted on August 06, 2015

music tours 2015If you’re looking for some awesome music this summer, there is no shortage of concerts happening around the country. Following are several artists touring this summer who are well worth the ticket price.


This Australian band has been rocking the globe for almost forty years, and still going strong. On the heels of their latest album, AC/DC kicks off their Rock or Bust TourĀ  at Coachella, with the North American leg of the tour running from August 22 — September 25.

2)Dave Matthews Band

Since 1992, Dave Matthews Band has been one of the most consistent performing groups, touring every year, which is evident by the fact that they have racked up over 19 million in ticket sales in the span of their career. You can catch them performing throughout the summer and into September in various cities nationwide.

3) Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters are also hitting the road after releasing their album Sonic Highways last year. You can see them between July 13 and October 17 when they kick off the North American leg of their tour.

4) Imagine Dragons

If you want to see a performance that is truly “Radioactive”, catch-up with Imagine Dragons while they tour with the production team from Nine Inch Nails. If you want an exhilarating performance with all the high-tech trimmings, their tour is not to be missed.

5) New Kids on the Block

The teen heartthrobs from the 80’s and 90’s are back and better than ever. They’re also teaming up with Nelly and TLC, so expect a great show that is sure to please their grown-up fans and hip-hip enthusiasts alike.

6) One Direction

For more recent heartthrobs, the One Direction “One the Road Again” tour, which started in February, is sure to draw out their loyal fans worldwide. Expect a fun performance with all their hits you love to sing along with.

7) Romeo Santos

If you want to slow the pace down a bit, check out Bronx Native Romeo Santos as he performs in New York this summer with his smooth and romantic hits. The flirtatious crooner is set to do three performances at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center.

Get Ready to Rock Out!

Posted on October 24, 2013

You don’t know what rock out means until you see one particular rock star that boasts of innumerable previous incarnations, has become an unpredictable shape shifter and has been known as a dangerous daredevil. Super T is one female rock singer you won’t want to miss in performance. Those who hear her metal rock come to love her as much as the music itself, for its ritualistic beat and heavy yet real message. You can’t understand rock until you understand Tracy Underwood as Super T. Travel any amount of miles necessary to see her live. It is worth a trip over frozen tundra, or a flight to the sun and back. It is going to blow your mind, to put it simply.

Just tune in to Super T to get the latest and greatest. Tracy Underwood is the power of Super T and a power house of a female rock vocalist. You will discover her high energy charges the audience and sends lightning shivers up and down the spines of people miles away. It’s like an earthquake of music, sending ripples far and wide. She is not just a vocalist. Tracy is a musician and a powerful songwriter. She has appeared as a guest on innumerable CDs and been on tours and played live shows. The list goes on and on. Sneak into an intimate venue to see her up close and personal, or watch her rock out on stage in front of thousands. She gets around.

If you get a chance, you simply must see her bio and all the famous names she has worked with. You want to be impressed? You will be! Super T is a favorite of the highly respected rock sectors within the Los Angeles area. She has worked with Ratt, Poison and many other high profilers in the rock world. She is a must-see and a must-experience for the best in metal music. The crowd goes wild, aliens stop in amazement and the world turns just a little faster when Super T goes on stage. Momentous is only a word but definitely encompasses what it is like to hear Tracy Underwood perform.

A Female Metal Singer Takes First Place in my Book

Posted on August 22, 2013

There is no pretense here, this female metal singer is the real thing! When you want a rock star, a daredevil at metal music, you will find that Super T is the known fit. She is an explorer and yet knows where she has been and what she has accomplished. Super T is fiery and fierce in her quest to satisfy her listeners. Attend her performances and you never really know what will happen. She is unpredictable but wonderfully so! It is the music experience of a lifetime when you watch her hit those notes and as you absorb her music.

Super Tracy Underwood Really Rocks

According to rumor, Super T is a partying enthusiast. She agrees with the rumors. In addition, she has a long list of interesting hobbies, such as intergalactic cage fighting. Try and top that one if you can. Take the time and the energy to go see her in action. Rock star is a tame term for this powerful performer. Tracy Underwood is at the peak of her very illustrious career, and you can enjoy performances coming up in cities around the country. Track with her dates of events on her website. You’ll find samples of her music as well. This way you can get a taste of what Super T is all about. Listen to every one twice. You will be glad you did.

Remember to focus on her movements. She moves like liquid mercury, sings beautifully, with an energy like a comet soaring through space and she takes you to a land you have never seen before. Watch her videos. You will bookmark them so you can see them again and again. She is enchanting and ethereal. She brings you music to enlighten and inspire. It is not something to pass up if you love metal music. It is an experience like never before and one which will stay in mind forever. She invites you into her atmosphere, keeps you there with a signature sound, and never lets you go. Super T must be seen to be believed.

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